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Reason To Visit Bhutan.

There are several different reasons to travel to Bhutan. You might want to go there for the spicy food, great sights, amazing festivals, but the truth is that the main reason to visit Bhutan is simple: authenticity.
The charms of this isolated Himalayan kingdom are simple, you get a genuine idea of what life is like when you visit.
Experience the Bhutanese lifestyle. Many travel agencies use the word ‘authentic’ to describe a vacation, but travelers will never have more cultural authenticity than when they travel to Bhutan.
Keep in mind that Bhutan did not have tourism until approximately four decades ago. This hermit kingdom managed to preserve its unique cultural identity thanks to years of isolation. Even the most authentic trips to other locales throughout Asia come with a massive degree of tourism and commercialism, this is not the case for Bhutan.
An authentic experience in Bhutan When walking through the streets in Bhutan you will hear the local languages Sharchop and Dzongka. You will see the preferred attire for the Bhutanese is still their traditional dress. Buddhism colours just about every aspect of life. You can still see the beauty of the Native Dzongka-style architectural features on every building.
Holding onto its own culture Despite the introduction of the Internet in 1999, Bhutan is still very much its own cultural domain. The outside world seems distant when traveling to Bhutan. The government is actively working to ensure that Bhutan does not lose its cultural identity. This means limiting the number of visitors to Bhutan and a government-imposed dress code for working attire. When it comes to official duties, only the female kira dresses and male gho are permitted. In Bhutan, the government has also banned non-traditional forms of architecture.If you want a travel experience without McDonalds and Starbucks, if you want a truly authentic experience, Bhutan is the place to be.